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Sam Okko: “Breeding and racing pigeons gives me relaxation and satisfaction.”.

Sam Okko (1977) started breeding pigeons in 2009, then living in the UAE, United Arab Emirates. Since he became a dutch citizen, he succesfully started with a whole new dovecote, and a new set of quality birds that already win prices. Even the young ones are succesful in their first races.


His approach is classical, the results are excellent


Pigeon breeding is a long standing tradition in the Netherlands. So after he had oriented within the Dutch breeders community, he build himself a brand new dovecote. With the help of some friends he’d was able to acquire a couple of top pigeons with whom he started breeding. succesfully, i might add.

Now he wants too grow his stock, and gain more prices.

because when you are truly into racing pigion breeding, only the best results count.


M. van Kooten.


publisher of this website on behalf of mr. Okko.

Sam Okko got a high ranking at his local racing pigeon contest